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 Looking for quality glove to protect your hands while handling hot meat on your smoker or barbecue? Need to make pulled pork for a party or just carve the Thanksgiving turkey? Then the Ultimate Pit Glove is your answer!

 A soft jersey cotton liner double coated in neoprene with a full 17" length to protect your forearms. The gloves are a waterproof design that is resistant to staining, grease and flames. The perfect addition to your grilling accessories.

The Ultimate Pit GLOVE can easily manage messy BBQ sessions, grabbing and preparing hot food in the kitchen or on the BBQ all while keeping your hands safe and dry in an easy to clean glove. They are an absolute must for frying that Thanksgiving turkey!

We designed the ULTIMATE PIT GLOVE after studying the gloves that Pit Masters and BBQ experts everywhere were wearing and then made them better. We found that neoprene offered better protection and insulation from heat and was more resistant to fire than the other materials available. Neoprene stay flexible and offers superior dexterity than silicone or rubber while the jersey cotton liner is soft on your hands. Now you can protect your hands and serve award winning BBQ.

Why Choose The ULTIMATE PIT Glove over other oven mitts and gloves?  The neoprene coated cotton liner let's your hand breath so you stay comfortable at the grill. The PIT Glove easily handles your Smoker and BBQ temperatures.  The PIT Glove is waterproof, stain proof, won't absorb grease and is resistant to fire and flames.

We Guarantee That You Will Love The BBQ GLOVE With A Hassle-Free 3 Month Guarantee. If you don't love them, we'll refund your money.

Get your BBQ on!

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