Question: Are these gloves "One Size Fits All" or do they come in different sizes.

Most of our gloves are Size 10/Xl and will fir the majority of users.  They are meant to slip on and off and not have a tight fit like a lot of the knit or silicone gloves.  This allows for a more comfortable gloves and the light fit increases the insulation and heat resistance.   If your hands are smaller,  the size 9 Pit Glove will work well for you.

Will these gloves work with fire pits and handling logs?

Yes, all of the gloves can handle hot or burning gloves but the neoprene can melt if exposed to very hot logs or coals. We recommend the Heat Armor glove if your primary use is around live fires. The woven exterior coating is much more durable with live fire and burning logs. However, they are not oil and water or stain resistant

What is the highest temperature these gloves can handle?

All of our Artisan Griller gloves can handle up to 500 degress F. The length of time you can hold an item at a specific temperature is subject to your level of comfort, the temperature, and how tight you hold the item.

What is the waaranty on your gloves>

Our gloves are proudly made with pride in Menlo Georgia USA. We offer a three (3) year warranty on our products form the date of purchase. You can register your gloves by texting Pit to 38470 and follow the instructions.