Artisan Griller Eazy-Q 6" Pellet Smoker Tube

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Impress your friends and family with award winning barbecue, smoked nuts and cheese; even your own homemade bacon.

The Artisan Griller Eazy-Q Pellet Smoker is a durable, portable and easy to use smoke generator, that will produce up to 2 hours of quality blue smoke for cold and hot smoking. The Eazy-Q Smoker can be used in virtually any smoker or grill to make mouth watering hot smoked brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage and more.

Or use as a cold smoker in your current grill or smoker to make unbelievable smoked cheeses, nuts and even bacon. The Eazy-Q Smoker is designed to burn any of your favorite brand of BBQ wood pellets. Use by itself or as a supplement smoke generator in your current grill or smoker that isn't producing enough smoke.

The Eazy-Q Pellet Smoker adds additional smoke at cooking temps or low temperatures (cold smoking), regardless of the type of grill or smoker you have. The round tube will fit well on the cooking grate or between the burner bars on most grills taking up very little space.

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